In 2018, the #WeRemember campaign reached 650 million people in 155 countries. In 2019, with your participation, we will educate more people and inspire new generations

Join the 2019 #WeRemember Campaign

The Global Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 6 - 27, 2019


Fight racism. End  xenophobia.

Remember the Holocaust.



The world’s largest Holocaust remembrance event, the #WeRemember campaign, runs January through International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on January 27. You or your organization should begin participating as soon as possible.

The Holocaust and killing of six million innocent Jews was one of the most heinous acts of hatred in human history. People promised ‘Never Again’ — yet today, racism and xenophobia are increasing at unprecedented levels and human genocide continues. We must remember –– forever.



1. Create a We Remember Sign

2. Take Your Photo

3. Upload it to Social Media 

4. Use #WeRemember

If you’re interested in becoming a partner of the #WeRemember campaign, please contact us. A representative from the World Jewish Congress will be in touch.